Pastor Brian

brian barlowBrian was born, raised, and lived in Southern California until following God's call to ministry in Wisconsin in 1992— a journey which led him from the sunny shores of the Pacific, to the snowy plains of the Midwest.

He has been actively involved in church leadership for the past thirty-plus years, serving as worship leader, youth leader, family pastor, and senior pastor and in other capacities. Brian was called to fill the Senior Pastor position at Oasis Christian Fellowship in 2006.

Brian has a vision for OCF to follow the Biblical example of the early church, through instruction in the Word of God, prayer, fellowship, worship and service—an active application of the Word of God in the lives of all those who call Jesus Christ their Lord and Savior.

Brian enjoys music (making and listening to), reading, and the outdoors--whether that means going for a long walk in the woods, sitting on an ocean beach, or kayaking with his wife Lisa. He also loves to pray with, and talk with others about the Lord.

Brian and Lisa have 6 children, three grandsons, and live in Plainfield, Wisconsin.


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